Fotografische Stile und Konzepte
Konzeptuelle Fotografie (Stan Neumann, ARTE France)
Einstieg in Fotografie
Patricia Burmicky: How to Make Your Way into Photography (Einstieg in den Beruf des Fotografen)
Mitchell Kanashkevich: Travel portraits tip that no one talks about (Lesson about the enormous impact of models' eyes in photography)
David H. Wells: Tools of Travel Photography (B&H Photo Video)
Lester Lefkowitz: The Wide World of Travel Photography (B&H Photo Video)
Mitchell Kanashkevich: How to make travel photos that are more than just beautiful (about visual keys)
Sean Tucker: How to Shoot Corporate Headshot Photography (Many tips from practice!)
Ken Dolin: The Tao of Portraits (TEDxManhattanBeach)
Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk: How To Take A Fine- Art Portrait ( A PRO EDU Photography Tutorial)
David Yarrow: Wild Encounters - the story of what I do differently (lecture on aspects of fine art photography; TEDx)
Scott Kelby: Why We Retouch People in Photoshop (about the sense, nonsense and limitations of Retouche and why we should teach our daughters that magazine covers do not show reality; TEDx) 
Stuart Smith: (HOME Project Magnum Photos with the designer Stuart Smith): 
Part 1: [Photo-] Book DesignPart 2: Book Printing
Rich Smukler: How to Get Your Photography into Galleries (Understand Photography)
Magnus Resch: Become an Art Market Insider - How the Art Industry Really Works (viele Fakten über Renditen, Margen und andere Zusammenhänge)
HIstorie und Soziologie der Fotografie
Video: Fotografie und Gewalt (historische Fotografie mit Gewaltdarstellungen und ihre Wirkung während des Dritten Reichs, Vortrag von Gerhard Paul, Professor für Geschichte und ihre Didaktik an der Universität Flensburg)
Joel Meyerowitz: The most important advice for an amateur photographer (speech at Photo London, Masters of Photography)
Elia Locardi (USA): Live Stage in Photokina 2018 (Fujifilm)
Duncan Davidson: Finding the photograph right before your eyes (TEDxBeaconStreet)
Peter Lindbergh: Masterclass Peter Lindbergh (8 september 2016, Kunsthal Rotterdam)
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